Hershey’s Chocolate Truffles

Hershey’s Chocolate Truffles

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SKILL LEVEL : Beginner


2 cupsHershey’s chocolate bars
1 cupwhipping cream
1 cupdate paste
2 tsppowdered milk
1 tspground cardamom
2 tspHershey’s cocoa powder
hazelnut / almonds roasted


    1. Cut chocolate into small pieces or grate.
    2. Heat cream in a pot over a medium heat until about boiling.
    3. Stir in chocolates till it melts, set aside and let cool.
    4. Mix cardamom with dates till well combined.
    5. Shape chocolate ganache into small sized balls, fill with dates and nuts.
    6. Refrigerate for 30 minutes or until it holds its shape.
    7. Dredge balls in cocoa powder or coconut flakes, refrigerate for 30 minutes.
    8. Melt white and dark Hershey’s chocolate in a separate double boiler.
    9. Dip chocolate balls into melted chocolate, remove and put on rack on a parchment paper to get rid of excess chocolate.
    10. Make thin chocolate lines on truffles using a pastry bag.

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